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Fouad iOS WhatsApp is an application that aims to duplicate the WhatsApp experience on android device. This unique app boasts a plethora of custom-designed features and is designed with a steady iOS interface in mind. StefanoYG has developed it and receives ordinary updates.

As from Fouad WhatsApp, it consists of some extra unique features. In addition to the iOS interface, Fouad iOS WhatsApp gives users access to a big choice of topics hosted on its servers, allowing you to personalize the advent of your WhatsApp interface. The app is also geared up with anti-ban measures and numerous privacy functions that you could tailor to your different preferences.

Features of Fouad iOs WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp mods provide an array of astonishing features, many of which can be borrowed from the JTWhatsApp APK for Android. This is why many users decide to use Fouad WhatsApp over the original WhatsApp. Here are the trendy features of Fouad APK for Android:

Who Blocked You

It allows you to discover which contacts have blocked you on WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp does not provide this functionality, making it beneficial to recognize who has blocked you.

Customizable Calls

Fouad WhatsApp gives customizable call alternatives, permitting you to personalize your calling. WhatsApp does not provide this level of customization.

Text to Speech

With this app, you can convert your text messages into speech, which is mainly on hand for people who need to listen to their chats. Text-to-speech isn’t available in the original WhatsApp.

Voice Speed

You can boom the playback speed of lengthy voice messages, saving you time. While authentic WhatsApp has a similar characteristic, the UI design in Fouad WhatsApp is extra user-friendly.

Story Feature

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, Fouad WhatsApp permits you to add stories to your WhatsApp profile, including a natural visual element in your chat experience. You can also view different people’s stories by way of tapping on their profile photos.

HD Image Sharing

Unlike the original WhatsApp, Fouad WA APK allows you to send unlimited HD images to your contacts without compromising image quality.

Block Screenshots

Similar to Snapchat, you may save your contacts from taking screenshots of your messages and pictures.

Chat Polls

Unlike WhatsApp, Fouad iOS Whatsapp allows you to create chat polls, improving your interaction with contacts.

Colours and Fonts

Customize your chat settings with heaps of colours and font patterns, making your display very specific, a feature similar to the alight motion mod apk.

Auto Reply

This auto-reply feature can be a lifesaver while you’re busy. Original WhatsApp does not inclhe feature of auto-reply.

Privacy Options

Fouad WA iOS offers several privacy options and customization settings for users to explore.

Airplane Mode

You can use the airplane mode alternative on this WA MOD. This feature is not to be provided in WhatsApp.

Chat Backup

Before the usage of the app, it is important to back up your chat history records. Restoring chats won’t be valid if you’ve previously used the Clone version of WhatsApp Mod.

General Settings

It includes colour customization alternatives, new display patterns (iOS, Android O, Facebook, One UI), writing patterns, and launcher icons.

Enhanced UI and Calls

Fouad WhatsApp gives a better user experience than WhatsApp, offering a smooth interface for calls.

Set Restrictions on Calls

You can choose who can and cannot call you, even while you’re online, imparting extra control over your calls.

Anti-Delete Status

It prevents deleted stories or statuses from disappearing and looks at them long after they’ve been removed.


This feature lets you change, download, save your file, restart, restore, delete, and import themes in XML format, providing various customization alternatives.

Dark/Bright Light Mode

Adjust the darkish mode show to suit your choices without difficulty.

Freeze Your Last Seen Time

Maintain privacy with the aid of freezing your last seen time, preventing others from understanding when you were last online.

Hide View Status

Stay incognito even when viewing different people’s statuses, keeping off unnecessary or uncomfortable conversations in your inbox.

How to Resolve Temporary Ban Issues in Fouad iOS?

If you have faced a temporary ban issue while using Fouad iOS, it is normal, and it can happen when you are using an outdated version. You can easily overcome the problem by following some steps:

1. Backup Your WhatsApp Data

Start starting your WhatsApp and create a backup of your chats and media. This will ensure that your data is safe before proceeding.

2. Uninstall Fouad iOS WhatsApp

Next, uninstall the Fouad iOS WhatsApp application from your device. Ensure you have completely removed the old version from your mobile’s File Manager.

3. Download the Latest Fouad iOS

Visit the given link and download the latest version of Fouad iOS. Follow the installation instructions as mentioned earlier in this guide.

4. Restore Your Data

Once the new version is installed, you can restore your WhatsApp data from the backup you created in step first.

Following those steps, you can be confident that the brief ban issue will no longer be a trouble.

Methods to Install Fouad iOS APK Latest Version

If you are installing Fouad iOS on your Android device for the first time, comply with these steps for an easy installation:

1. Backup Your Chats

  • Start by way of making a backup of your chats.
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Click on Chats.
  • Tap on Backup and click on ‘Save.’

2. Uninstall WhatsApp or Other Mods

Uninstall WhatsApp or any other changes you have set up on the smartphone where you have to install Fouad iOS.

3. Enable Unknown Sources

If you have not already, permit the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ or ‘Unknown Sources’ option on your device. You can find this feature in your smartphone’s settings under Security.

4. Download the Package or APK

Download the package or APK of Fouad iOS.

5. Install the APK

  • Click on the downloaded package or APK file.
  • On the primary display screen, tap on ‘ACCEPT’ and ‘CONTINUE.’
  • Note: If Play Protect found a warning, don’t worry; it is due to the personalized signature.
  • Just tap on ‘INSTALL ANYWAY.’

6. Follow Standard Setup

Follow the on-screen instructions as you will during a general WhatsApp setup, together with verifying your phone and entering your nickname.

7. Disable Google Drive Backups

When it prompts you to select how frequently you want to store backups to Google Drive, choose ‘NEVER.’

8. Installation Complete

Finally, Fouad iOS is now installed on your Android device.

Application Details of Fouad iOS APK

NameFouad iOS
Size89.7 MB
ModiOS Theme

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Fouad iOS WhatsApp offers a wide range of functions and customization alternatives that can improve the messaging experience for users on Android devices. These capabilities encompass UI customization, message scheduling, auto-reply functionality, lock display protection, dark and light mode choices, voice changers, and much more. It permits users to customize their messaging in approaches no longer possible with the official WhatsApp. However, it’s crucial to remember the drawbacks related to using modded WhatsApp programs like Fouad iOS.