Version 9.96

  • a bug was fixed where some users could not see reactions.

Version 9.95

  • Improved: Theme builder now processes images 10x faster, even with heavy images.
  • Added: Added an option to password lock archived chats
  • Added: Option to directly open settings in the navigation bar
  • Enabled: Profile photos of group members
  • other things i forgot.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed: Could not disable the option to view unlimited multimedia with single view
  • Fixed: Some fixeds.

Version 9.93

  • Base: Fouad 9.93 | New base
  • Exclusive: Select any image from your gallery and generate a theme immediately (BETA)
  • Exclusive: Generate a theme based on your system colors (only for android +12)
  • Exclusive: Option to disable channels
  • Exclusive: Ghost Mode
  • Some UI redesigns
  • Added: Post statuses to linked devices
  • Added: Added an option to keep the new message counter even after opening the conversation
  • Added: Custom Media Download control for each chat
  • Enabled: Channels
  • Enabled: Send voice notes only once
  • Enabled: Multiple Accounts on same devices
  • Enabled: Add Email Address to your account (Settings > Account)
  • Enabled: Option to approve new group members before joining
  • other things i forgot.
  • Fixed: Some fixeds.

Version 9.83

  • floating shortcuts to post a status
  • Added a list of tips and help (click on the settings icon)
  • Fixed: Only one image could be selected from the gallery
  • Fixed: The Online text did not take the main color
  • Fixed: The device’s galleries opened instead of the WhatsApp gallery
  • Fixed: Could not open hidden chats on some devices
  • Fixed: Couldn’t reply to a status with a stickers
  • Fixed: Notification of read messages from groups
  • Other bugs fixed by the old base
  • Some layouts fixeds

Version 9.82.1

  • Fixed ussue in android 7/8 and others.
  • Fixed: Audios were shown as played (In light theme)

Version 9.82

  • New base
  • New way to configure custom reactions
  • Return to Old layout
  • Added: Option to reset recent colors in color palette.
  • Toast working
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed: Some icons
  • Fixed: Statuses were distorted for users with channels enabled
  • Fixed: Background blur in PopUp
  • Fixed: Sticker
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 9.81

  • Removed permission to enable unknown sources (no longer needed)
  • Blur intensity and transparency has been improved
  • Fixed: Fixed the visual error between the group name and the message
  • Fixed: View and download icons were not hidden in status.
  • Fixed: Customize calls/video calls
  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed: Save theme Fixed some bugs

Version 9.80

  • What’s news in 9.80 New base
  • Exclusive: Apply your favorite theme from any application (Click on Zip/XML file, Apply theme)
  • Exclusive: New PopUp
  • Exclusive: Change all reactions when selecting a message
  • Exclusive: Added “Mark As Read” inside chat when hide blue tick is enabled Support armv8
  • Architecture (Like pixel devices)
  • Added: Disable new PopUp (MB Preferences / Conversation screen)
  • Added: Change background dialog other things i forgot.
  • Fixed: Some fixeds.

Version 9.76

  • Fixed: Downloaded photos, videos, and statuses were not visible after using the video messages
  • Base: Fouad 9.74E Fixed: Send and receive video messages

Version 9.75

  • Base: Fouad 9.74E
  • Fix: receive video messages (Ask your contacts to forward old video messages)

Version 9.74

  • Now you can listen to the selected sounds to send or receive messages (MB preferences/Conversation screen/conversation tones)
  • Tablet mode compatible
  • Fixed: Date expiration
  • Fixed: Hidden chats couldn’t be accessed on some devices
  • Fixed: Chats didn’t open in tablet mode
  • Fixed some other bugs.
  • Some fixes in the interface

Version 9.72

  • Exclusive: View edited message (MB preferences/Privacy and security)
  • Exclusive: View edited message time (MB preferences/Privacy and security)
  • Exclusive: Notify played audio (MB preferences/Notify preferences)
  • Disable stories in the chat list (MB preferences/Home screen/Rows)
  • Change the colour of the blur
  • Silence calls from unknown users (Settings/Privacy/Calls)
  • Other things I forgot.
  • Fixed: Notifications displayed number instead of contact name
  • Fixed: The navigation bar showed communities instead of status
  • Fixed: Message and name colour on the home screen
  • Fixed: Message counter
  • Fixed some other bugs.

Version 9.71.1

  • New base
  • One tap Blur
  • Some emojis updated
  • New fonts: Font iOS Rounded Medium/SemiBold/Bold
  • It will show a “message read” alert from the members of a group
  • Missed calls will be displayed in red in the call history.
  • Silence calls from unknow users (not tested).
  • Other things I forgot.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed: Multimedia HD
  • Fixed some other bugs.

Version 9.71


Please, read the above message, this is a quick update to help users with the expiration problem, all the functions will be added again in the next update.

If you have any problems with this version, just try to clear the cache of the application, if you get a message WhatsApp is not compatible with this account, unfortunately Fouad oficial still does not work to improve it this.

  • New base
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed: Avatars
  • Fixed: Text entry in edit message
  • Some fixes in the interface

Version 9.66

  • Fixed: Crash in Android 6/7/8
  • Fixed: Crash on some device with android 12
  • Others fixes

Version 9.65

  • Exclusive: Select color hex from an image (MB Preferences / Theme preferences)
  • Exclusive: Hide important details when sharing screenshots (Useful if you are a theme creator)
  • Exclusive: New Home screen style and Conversation style with Blur
  • Exclusive: See all the status of your contacts (Viewed and downloaded) ( Status dialog -> Show All status )
  • Exclusive: Translate captions in status
  • Exclusive: Edit a message before sending it (like some Telegram clients)
  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed: Status in profile
  • Fixed: Error that caused crash in the conversations (
  • Others fixes
  • Some fixes in the interface

Version 9.64

  • Base: Fouad 9.63
  • Fix play protect error

Version 9.63

  • Base: Fouad 9.63
  • Other Antiban
  • Direct chat has been rewritten to prevent bans when writing to unsaved contacts (Not fully tested).
  • Added option to enable custom video player
  • Edit messages
  • Added FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
  • Enabled Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
  • Enabled Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
  • Improved: Custom font
  • Enabled Undo deleted messages for some devices
  • Some options and designs will be added soon
  • Minor fixes