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WhatsApp has become an imperative and most usable application tool for limitless users, seamlessly facilitating a wide range of interactions, from informal conversations to reputable business and educational exchanges. Whatsapp is used for both formal and informal communications. As our reliance on this platform deepens, the desire for better customization and safety features will become increasingly paramount. Ensuring our safety and privacy in our day-to-day WhatsApp utilization is of maximum importance, and the decision for more flexibility and personalization is resounding.

Despite the clamour for modifications, the app developers were hesitant to align with users’ preferences. In response to this, a surge in opportunity variations has emerged. Among these is MBWhatsApp, a MOD application that empowers users to utilize more manipulation over their WhatsApp experience, particularly in phrases of privacy and conversation.

MBWhatsApp APK allows you to improve your chat experience in your life. It gives a range of friendly communication issues that can be implemented while communicating with friends, circle of relatives, or loved ones. Moreover, this app presents many customization options, including various beautiful and precise issues and features.

What is MBWhatsApp?

The MB WhatsApp APK, developed by Stephanie, rapidly gained popularity amongst users for incorporating the WhatsApp iOS 14 theme and enhanced user experience. Stephanie also created WhatsApp iPhone for Android, introducing a user-friendly conversational interface for seamless interactions with buddies and colleagues. MBWhatsApp is a changed version of the original WhatsApp, owned through Facebook just like the popular mod version GB WhatsApp. This APK empowers users to make their communication on the platform by offering superior messaging and privacy features, elevating the overall user experience to a greater perfect degree.

In essence, MB WhatsApp’s purpose is to decorate and increase upon the particular features and settings observed in the official WhatsApp utility. It offers users additional options that increase their experience and improve the alternative of data online. Moreover, users need not uninstall their original WhatsApp software to deal with the MBWhatsApp mod APK. It may be effects downloaded and mounted alongside the authentic iOS app, enabling users to operate two accounts concurrently.

Highlighted Features of MBWhatsApp APK

iOS Themes and Interface

For those who love the iOS interface and want to emulate the look of an iPhone, MB WhatsApp gives an iOS theme in conjunction with other theme options. The app is compatible with all Android devices and includes default iOS themes and emojis, allowing you to customize your WhatsApp experience.

Use Dual Account

In the digital era, WhatsApp has become a crucial part of everyday life for millions of users. However, one of the distinguished boundaries of the respectable WhatsApp application is its inability to assist two accounts on a single Android device. We all prefer the privateness of our numbers even as retaining a separate variety to communicate without daily disturbances. Juggling multiple phones for this purpose may be quite costly. Fortunately, the solution lies in using two WhatsApp debts on identical Android devices, and MB WhatsApp makes its effects workable.

Ad-Free Experience

While carrying out conversations with friends or formal communications, intrusive ads are the last issue anyone desires to deal with. The changed variations of WhatsApp, including GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp, frequently bombard users with undesirable ads. MBWhatsApp, however, offers an ads-free experience designed with the user’s desires in mind.

Auto Reply and Message Scheduling

One of the standout capabilities of MBWhatsApp is its “Auto Reply” functionality. This progressive feature allows users to install automated responses for numerous messages consistent with their possibilities. You can set up predefined instructions and specify the time for message delivery. This characteristic can also be activated for institution chats and unique contacts, making it convenient to schedule birthday wishes or send messages when unavailable.

Password-Protected Chats

MB WhatsApp presents an in-built lock characteristic that allows you to safeguard your photos, private messages, and critical statistics from prying eyes. You can set up additional security measures, including fingerprint locks, passwords, or PINs for precise chats and contacts. Additionally, the app gives recuperation alternatives to retrieve forgotten PINs or passwords without uninstalling them.

Message Any Unsaved Number

A handy function of MB WhatsApp is the capacity to send messages to unsaved numbers. When time is restrained and saving contacts is impossible, you can immediately input the number and send a message without including it in your mobile contacts.

Enhanced Privacy

Unlike the original WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp gives users a broader variety of privacy alternatives. You can hide your name, single and double ticks, and sort and file signs to fit your preferences.

Anti-Delete Messages

MB WhatsApp permits you to study deleted messages, a precious characteristic for the busy person who will only have time to respond to each message. You can get access to deleted messages without the sender’s know-how.

Anti-View Once

In addition to the one-time view characteristic in legitimate WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp introduces an “anti-view once” choice, enabling users to view media documents at various times.

Freeze Your Last Seen

Similar to different, changed WhatsApp versions, MB WhatsApp lets you freeze your remaining visible fame, taking into consideration discreet online communication with buddies and a circle of relatives.

Who Can Call You

MB WhatsApp gives the power to customize call permissions. You can specify which contacts and parties can name you, offering extra control over your communication alternatives.

Effortless Status Saving

With MB WhatsApp, saving status updates is a breeze. You no longer want to request status updates from pals or use third-party apps for downloads. This characteristic simplifies the technique of saving each status and captions.

Font and Color Customization

MB WhatsApp allow users to choose their favourite fonts and personalize shades from a full-size selection. This stage of personalization complements the general user experience.

Efficient Large File Sharing

MB WhatsApp makes sending large files in personal and formal communications less complicated. The app lets users simultaneously send 20 to 90 images and a percentage of large videos starting from 50MB to 700MB with simply one click.

Hide Contact Names

MB WhatsApp lets you hide the names of contacts you’re chatting with for added privacy in professional communication. This function adds an extra layer of confidentiality to your conversations.

Create Custom Stickers

Express yourself creatively by crafting your stickers within MB WhatsApp. This characteristic empowers users to customize their chats with specific and significant snapshots.

Blue Tick Control

In busy work surroundings, it’s only sometimes possible to respond to messages immediately. MB WhatsApp offers the option to show blue ticks to contacts only after you’ve responded to their messages, decreasing the strain of responding immediately. MB WhatsApp offers complete functions to decorate user privacy, comfort, and customization inside the WhatsApp Revel.

Disabling Forward Tag

When you send a message containing a media file from one chat to any other on WhatsApp, a “forwarded” tag typically seems at the top of the news. This tag informs the recipient that the notice has been forwarded from someone else and is not an original advent. However, you can turn off this tag by adjusting the privacy settings in MBWhatsApp for all forwarded messages.

Data Backup and Security

Many people save valuable data on WhatsApp, and we may sometimes accidentally lose important content. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. However, MBWhatsApp sets itself aside from different mods by providing a handy and efficient manner to recover and repair your data whenever possible.

What Makes MBWhatsApp different from other MODs?

  1. Sticker Manager Plugin: MBWhatsApp gives a Sticker Manager plugin, allowing you to install diverse sticky label packs easily.
  2. MB Themes Plugin: You can enhance your messaging experience by downloading and selecting from many great themes the usage of the MB Themes Plugin.
  3. Send Up to a Hundred Bomb Messages: With MBWhatsApp, you can send as many as 100 messages without delay. Remember that immoderate use of this selection should suspend your account.
  4. Privacy Features: MBWA includes functions that save others from taking display recordings or screenshots while you proportion your smartphone with them.
  5. Customization Options: Customize your experience with MBWhatsApp by adjusting emoji sizes and other details.
  6. Detailed Notifications: This APK ensures you live knowledgeable about diverse activities until you turn off notifications, including indicators for movements like being blocked by using a person.

Comparison between MB WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp

FeaturesMB WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
Document Sharing at onceno
Hide Online Statusno
Media SharingMax. 1GBMax. 15 MB
Status Character LengthUpto 255Upto 139
Customised ThemeiOS themeNormal WhatsApp
Disable Forward Tagno
Play Store Availability no
Security Lockno
Status Download no
Privacy OptionsMoreLess

How to Resolve Temporary Ban Issues in MB WhatsApp for iOS?

If you have faced a temporary ban issue while using MB WhatsApp, it is normal, and it can happen when you are using an outdated version. You can easily overcome the problem by following some steps:

1. Backup Your WhatsApp Data

Start starting your WhatsApp and create a backup of your chats and media. This will ensure that your data is safe before proceeding.

2. Uninstall MB WhatsApp

Next, uninstall the MB WhatsApp application from your device. Ensure you have completely removed the old version from your mobile’s File Manager.

3. Download the Latest MB WhatsApp

Visit the given link and download the latest version of MB WhatsApp. Follow the installation instructions as mentioned earlier in this guide.

4. Restore Your Data

Once the new version is installed, you can restore your WhatsApp data from the backup you created in step first.

Following those steps, you can be confident that the brief ban issue will no longer be a trouble.

Methods to Install MBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Downloading & Installation Process of MB WhatsApp on Android

Here is a comprehensive manual guide to download and setup MB WhatsApp on your Android smartphone. Follow the authentic steps to complete the process:

  1. To start, tap on the download button of the MB WhatsApp App on this page.
  2. It can take some time to fulfil your request. Also, it depends on your internet speed.
  3. Once the download process is completed, navigate to your phone’s settings and pick “Security Options.” Then, enable the “Unknown Sources” to access your device storage.
  4. Next, access your File Manager and locate the downloaded file within the “Download” folder. Locate the MBWhatsApp APK File and tap on it to kickstart the installation process.
  5. During the setup, you need to give administrative permissions, including access to your media/Library, Gallery, and Location. Please give those permissions to make sure it is a successful setup.
  6. You will notice a small app icon on your device screen upon completion. Tap the icon to Open the app, confirm your credentials, and start using MB WhatsApp.

Downloading & Installation Process of MBWhatsApp on PC or Windows

Pre Requirements for Installing PikaShow on PC:

An Android Emulator is a software application designed for running Android on a Windows computer. There is no internal program support to install MB WhatsApp on a PC. Nonetheless, you can implement an Android Emulator to enable MB WhatsApp’s functionality on your computer or system. Once MB WhatsApp is installed within an Android Emulator, it operates within your computer’s storage environment. We recommend opting for the widely-used BlueStacks App player, which ranks among the most popular choices for Android Emulation.

Minimum Requirements for BlueStacks Installation at PC

Operating SystemWindows 7 or above
ProcessorAMD or Intel Processor
RAM (Memory)Your computer has at least 4GB of RAM
StorageAt least 5GB of free Disk Space

Downloading and Installing the BlueStacks Android Emulator

  • Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the official BlueStacks website. Official link is https://bluestacks.com
  • On the homepage, locate and click on the “Download BlueStacks” button to initiate the download of the APK file installer.
  • After the download, double-click on the downloaded file to open it. Subsequently, click on “Install Now” to commence the installation process.
  • BlueStacks will automatically open after successful installation and take you to its homepage. You are now ready to utilize BlueStacks for the installation of PikaShow.

Steps to Download and Install Pikashow on PC

What makes MB WhatsApp for PC a convenient choice is its official APK installer, readily accessible on their website. They’ve considered users who prefer running Android applications on their computers. To acquire and set up MB WhatsApp for PC, follow these steps:

  • You are on our official website, so click on the download button and you will be redirected to download page.
  • Now click on the “Download Now” button and download the apk file in your PC.
  • Once downloaded, open Bluestack and install apk via bluestack.
  • One installation process completed, open the app and enjoy iOS theme like WhatsApp on your Android.

Application Details of MB WhatsApp APK

NameMB WhatsApp
Size89.7 MB
ModiOS Theme

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Yes, you can use two accounts simultaneously for personal or business use.

Not at all. There isn’t any threat of your account being banned as long as you ensure you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp APK.

Using any WhatsApp mods like MB WhatsApp and Tm WhatsApp is risky. You do not need to worry because you can use separate accounts for different WhatsApp.

Are you getting errors, or has your MB WhatsApp application stopped working? Firstly, check for your internet connection. If your internet works fine, go to Settings>Apps>WhatsApp>Mobile Data & Wi-Fi> Turn background data on. If it is still not working, check if you have enabled Airplane Mode. If so, then turn it off. If it is still not working, then try reinstalling the application. If you encounter issues, including errors or MBWhatsApp ceasing to characteristic, start by checking your internet connection. If your net is operating correctly, navigate to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Mobile Data & Wi-Fi, and make sure that history statistics are enabled. If the hassle persists, verify whether Airplane Mode is enabled and turn it off. If the issue persists, consider reinstalling the application.


Frequent updates are consistently rolled out to enhance the platform’s performance. Whenever you receive a notification about an update, promptly install it. If you choose complete manage over your messaging, chat privateness, and various customizable capabilities, do not hesitate to download and set up MBWhatsApp on your Android device. This will allow you to experience the most advanced version of online messaging, providing specific choices and settings. After using MBWhatsApp, you may feel amazed at how you can use this application on your device.